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Capture NX 2 provides the highest quality RAW (NEF) conversions from your Nikon camera and fully integrates with all Nikon software including Camera Control Pro. Nikon Capture NX, free download. Nikon Capture NX Powerful Tools for Quick & Easy Photo Editing. This next generation follow-up to the award-winning.


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After 6 emails to imagemixer and no response, I have given up. Created by photographers for photographers, software, Nikon Capture NX2 makes the most precise control over the images and processing it intuitively simple and flexible for any photographer, regardless of its level of training, setting a new standard in creative digital imaging. I’m tempted to just uninstall, buy the software in a store and reload the whole thing all over again.


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Learn more about the D3X Archived. Learn more about the DS Archived. Learn more about the D3S Archived. Learn more about the Nik Color Efex Pro 3.

Learn more about the D50 Archived. Learn more about the D1H Archived. Learn more about the D1X Archived. Learn more about the D70 Archived. Learn more about the D2X Archived. The user can perform the changes on mode and exposure, customize the shutter speed, resolution, number of clicks and other settings that you are willing to apply can easily apply for it.

One most stellar feature of the application you can view the photo in real-time and after that decide it save in folder or not. It uses the objective lens while taking off photos and there is also the timer which countdown before you are ready for the picture. You can connect your Nikon digital camera with a dedicated cable to your computer or access via wireless communication.

These include shutter speed, light adjustment mode, and aperture. So Nikon – are you listening? Why offer the product free for 30 days and then make it so darn difficult to buy a simple product code on its own to activate the product again? Isn’t my bank guarantee card just as good if not better than a credit card? I agree. Downloading would be the easiest. But that’s no longer possible. Good luck! After I post this I am sure someone [as they have in the past, mind you no evidence just allegations] will says these guys are selling dodgy NX2 licenses, yet they have been in business for a long time.

I have had no problems with the NX2 licence they sent me by email less than 24 hours after paying for it. Your bank guarantee card seems to be a formidable obstacle in , why not use a real credit card or a Visa [or other brand] debit card or use PayPal. I gave in and ordered the full version on-line via mail order. I went to Warehouse Express here in the UK.

I did look at Image Mixer but they wouldn’t accept my UK bankers card either – plus I had also heard tales of dodgy codes!! I also rang Nikon Europe and asked why they would not accept a UK Switch bank guarantee card and they had no answer except to say ‘That was the way it was set up’.

Warehouse Express were out of stock of the Upgrade version so I opted for the full version instead. It will get delivered on Monday. No local dealers were selling the upgrade version here in Glasgow – so I had no option but to go mail order and use the postal system. Thanks to all who bothered to respond on here. This has taught me a lesson. Don’t try to buy on-line from Nikon Europe unless you have a credit card!!

Just contacted Nikon support who confirmed that my purchased NX2 key is invalid because ImageMixer sold too many versions of the same code. Nikon simply blacklisted the product key in question. I heard of people dying in the US because they did not have a credit card. Here in central europe you can still use cash even at a gas station.

For internet shopping a credit card is still the way to go. Do not buy a licence from imagemixer. They sold me a key which worked for a while then when an update to NX2 came out, naturally I installed it and the key would not work. After 6 emails to imagemixer and no response, I have given up. Its ok, they know me here. Chris and Jordan get righteous, go totally tubular, and pull some sick moves on land and sea to find out if this GoPro is really a game changer. We dug into what it does and what it means.

The final lens in Panasonic’s full frame F1. Is it a good choice for photographers as well as videographers? Is this finally the competition DJI has so badly needed? Sure, the name is a mouthful but the latest camera from Blackmagic has some impressive features. Find out how Jordan thinks it compares to the latest mirrorless hybrid cameras. U-Point technology provides easy selection of interest to the photographer of an image with an intuitive, easy adjustment of contrast, brightness and saturation, features effective suppression of unwanted ‘red eye’ and fine-tune the color balance.

Just click on the area needed to edit and adjust the sliders to be able to instantly see the effect of corrections. Correction can be applied to the entire image or specific areas without the need for precision selection of masks.

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